On the Connection Between the Economic and Social Issues

“You can’t have one kind of government and another kind of people. You can’t have one kind of economy and another kind of culture.” — John Biver


Selwyn Duke: Libertarian Folly: Why Everybody is a Social-issues Voter

Matt Barber: Cultural Marxism and the Communist States of America

Glenn Fairman: Social Conservatism and the Public Square

Ryan T. Anderson: A House Divided Cannot Stand: On Social and Economic Conservatism

Star Parker: Marriage and Abortion are Economic Issues

The Heritage Foundation: A winning conservative message is one that integrates economic arguments with social arguments

Joy Pullmann: Family Policy Is Economic Policy

Star Parker: Cultural Roots of a Fiscal Crisis

By Star Parker: Free Markets Plus Individual Virtue Produces Prosperity

By Robert P. George: No Mere Marriage of Convenience: The Unity of Economic and Social Conservatism

By Joseph Sunde: Family Breakdown, Economic Decline, and the Search for Spiritual Capital

By Dennis Prager:  ‘Fiscal’ Conservatism Needs ‘Social’ Conservatism

By Andrew Klavan: The Long Game—Three areas the Right should address, financially and intellectually

By Phyllis Schlafly: Phony Divide Between Fiscal & Social Issues

By Jeremy Egerer: Why I’m Not a Libertarian

By Selwyn Duke: Yes, Folks, We All Would Legislate Morality (Psst, Even You Libertarians)

By Heidi Harris: Why Won’t Conservatives Just Drop Social Issues?

By Keith Riler: The New Normal — Turning Back Cultural Marxism

By Kathryn Lopez: When Marriage Disappears: The Retreat from Marriage in Middle America

By Tony Blankley: Social conservatism and free-market capitalism are the two parts that make up the one


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Overcoming issue attention deficit disorder: On so-called “homosexual rights”

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The connection between traditional values and economics

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