Stephen Meyer & Eric Metaxas Discuss Darwin’s Doubt at Socrates in the City

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From the text posted at YouTube: In September 2013, Dr. Meyer joined host Eric Metaxas for a stimulating conversation before a live audience about Meyer’s bestselling book Darwin’s Doubt. Video courtesy Socrates in the City. Stephen Meyer is the author of The New York Times best selling book Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal… Read More

The ’10 Percent Gay’ Myth Is Dead – Just 1.6 Percent of U.S. Adults Identify as Gay or Lesbian, and .7 Percent as Bisexual, Major Federal Survey Finds

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New government data show homosexuality is far less common than most LGBT activists claimed for decades, and a fraction of what most Americans believe. Part One By Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH Special Report The first-ever major U.S. Government survey to present “nationally representative data on sexual orientation” finds that only 1.6 percent of Americans identify as… Read More

Steve Deace Believes Conservatives Can Win Again, Do You?

rules for patriots

How are you doing on your summer reading list? Probably better than I am. One book I read before the summer started was Steve Deace’s Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again. Because of the amount of free political commentary available on the web, when you buy a book and take the time to… Read More

Paraphilia of the Day: ‘Obama Signs Executive Order Protecting All Paraphilias’


Why is Obama discriminating against other paraphilias? The above headline is what we should have read instead of this one: Obama Signs Executive Orders Protecting LGBT Feds and Contractors. This is ugly discrimination from the highest office in the land. Here is the opening of the article posted at President Obama on Monday signed… Read More

Answering David Limbaugh’s Question: ‘Has the Right Lost Its Will to Fight?’


Dear David: It’s a good question — and let me suggest that but for a few exceptions, Republicans and conservatives haven’t been fighting much at all since Ronald Reagan left the White House. They’re not fighting because most don’t realize it’s an information war, and of the few who do — fewer still know what needs to… Read More

The Coming Christian Revolt


By J. Matt Barber From behind a smoking sniper rifle high atop his ivory tower peers the secular-”progressive.” He surveys his many victims, strewn across the American landscape below and mockingly sneers, “War on Christianity? What war on Christianity?” He then resumes shooting, all the while insisting that those uncooperative Christians who scatter for cover… Read More

The Political Left Intends to Make Their Own Moral Inclinations Mandatory


The editors over at National Review promoted their “Progressive Illiberalism” editorial with this: “The people who like to say ‘You can’t legislate morality’ intend to make their own moral inclinations mandatory.” Nicely said. Below are a few more nicely worded excerpts. After addressing the passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) “with overwhelming bipartisan support… Read More

When America Fell Apart: Why the Summer of 2014 Portends a Season of Infamy

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Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and historian with the Hoover Institution, and the author of many books. He also writes regularly and artfully on what is almost the modern day equivalent of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Here is the opening from his latest column: The summer of 2014 will go… Read More

Why the State and Local Pension Problem Will Get Worse


Steven Malanga writes in the City Journal that the way Detroit’s underfunded pension system is being reorganized “isn’t possible elsewhere.” Regardless of how it’s to be done, a day of reckoning will arrive for all the state and local governments that made impossible-to-fund promises to government employees. Note the words “impossible to fund.” In some… Read More

U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (RINO) Votes Against Religious Liberty

Illinois Family Action

By David E. Smith and Laurie Higgins: Despite receiving hundreds of emails, faxes and phone calls from his constituents, Mark Kirk, the junior U.S. Senator (R) from Illinois, failed to uphold religious liberty and freedom of conscience. Instead, Sen. Kirk voted with the Democrats in favor of radical legislation that would undo the protections of the Religious Freedom Restoration… Read More