WWII 75th Anniversary: Germany Invades Poland, Launches Bloodiest War in Human History


From Jarrett Stepman at Breitbart.com: On this day, 75 years ago, the bloodiest war in human history broke out when Nazi Germany, fresh off of signing a nonaggression pact with the Soviet Union, invaded Poland. Though two years would pass before the United States entered the war, the conflict would profoundly change the American role… Read More

Pompous Judge Posner’s Morality and Logic Run Amok


From Laurie Higgins: On Tuesday August 27, Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals judge, Richard Posner, grilled attorneys from Wisconsin and Indiana who were defending true marriage. Posner’s noxious bias dripped unnoticed by Slate writer, homosexual Mark Joseph Stern, who sycophantically described Posner as possessed of an “unapologetic bias toward reality and logic.” Riiight… While “progressives”… Read More

How to Talk About Climate Change So People Will Listen: A Skeptic’s View


From Joe Bast: An essay in the current issue of The Atlantic purports to instruct readers on “How to Talk About Climate So People Will Listen.” The author, Charles C. Mann, is a long-time contributor to the magazine who writes about history, tourism, and energy issues. With this article, he tries to cut a path… Read More

Safe Haven: The Contribution of Benevolent Societies

Citizens' Council for Health Freedom smaller

From Greg Scandlen: The Citizens Council for Health Freedom has just published a paper I wrote about the history and potential future of mutual aid associations, often called “friendly societies” in Great Britain or “fraternal associations” in the United States. The paper looks at the contribution such organizations have made over the past several hundred… Read More

These Are Not Ordinary Times


From Bill Muehlenberg: In normal times we have people being born, marrying, having a family, and dying – or situations more or less like that. When things are quiet and peaceful, we go about our business, and we do not exert too much energy. But in times of crisis, or times of war, then everything… Read More

Pastor Dan Fisher — Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment

Black Robed Regiment logo

The “Black Robed Regiment” is receiving more attention all the time, and efforts to wake up church pastors to their responsibility are starting up all over. [See also: "Don’t you know there’s a war on?" and "Minutemen Unlimited Protests Churches – Calls Pastors to Save the Nation"] In the video below, Pastor Dan Fisher quotes… Read More

How To Speak Leftist

Truth Revolt

In this video, “Andrew Klavan offers a helpful guide to right-wingers on the true meaning of popular leftist phrases. Behold, the Leftese Dictionary!” Enjoy…

Obama is ‘The Dog Ate My Homework President’

Augusta Chronicle

From the Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff: ISIS crisis seems lost on this president His own people have sounded the alarm; did it not reach Martha’s Vineyard? “An imminent threat to every interest we have, whether it’s in Iraq or anywhere else; … as sophisticated and well-funded as any group that we have seen; … beyond… Read More

Pouring Cold Water on Ice Buckets

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BarbWire.com has posted articles taking issue with the ALS “ice bucket challenge” — they can be read here and here. The above title is from another, this is the subtitle of the post: A scientist explains why he is not dumping water on his head for the Lou Gehrig campaign. Nathaniel Comfort’s bio reads as… Read More

Slippery Slope: Federal Judge Strikes Down Part Of Utah’s Polygamy Ban

BarbWire BW

From Matt Barber at BarbWire.com: Marriage defenders have long warned that deconstructing the institution of legitimate man-woman marriage by presuming to make so-called “gay marriage” the law of the land, would ultimately remove all ethical and legal justification for barring similar such perverse “marriage” amalgamations  (i.e., multi-party  or incestuous nuptials). This is one of those… Read More