The Illinois Race for Governor: Answering Critics and Rauner on Education


The response to these articles has been what I was expecting. We can’t survive four more years of Pat Quinn. Yes, we can. What we can’t survive is an Illinois Republican Party that refuses to clean house or build a winning coalition that can pick up General Assembly seats. You want ideological purity and the… Read More

Limbaugh’s ‘Jesus on Trial: The Verdict is in

Jesus on Trial

By Matt Barber — Attorney, author and columnist David Limbaugh is a man after my own heart. He’s also a man after my own mind. That is to say, as both a fellow member of the bar and follower of Christ, I tremendously appreciate how David approaches the hot button issues of the day. He… Read More

The Illinois Race for Governor: We’ve Seen This Play Before


As promised last time, let’s give Bruce Rauner’s budget and fiscal proposals some attention. As a supporter of limiting government, I’m in favor of much of what Rauner has to say. The problem is, anyone can talk in generalities. Unfortunately, the public doesn’t usually buy it when someone talks about cutting taxes without showing how… Read More

How Republicans Can Capture The Youth Vote In 30 Seconds

Marilinda Garcia (NRO photo)

Here is the CQH staff writing about Republican congressional candidate Marilinda Garcia, who just won the GOP primary in New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District: Garcia is, on paper at least, the Republican establishment’s ideal candidate for Congress. Young, attractive, with a Hispanic surname and a degree from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, she… Read More

The Illinois Race for Governor: Things Will Get Worse No Matter Who Wins


Last time I touched on the simple fact that a healthy and growing Republican Party in Illinois is required if we’re going to see reform. GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner will do damage to that party, whereas Democratic candidate Pat Quinn will not. Before getting to the topic of lieutenant governor candidates, let me state… Read More

Male-On-Male Rape Epidemic in Obama’s Pro-Deviancy Military


It’s all about “love,” right? Right? From Bryan Fischer at One of the things we predicted when the infamous crime against nature was dropped as a bar to military service was an inevitable descent into moral and sexual debauchery in our armed forces. And we were right. Homosexual conduct is immoral, unnatural and unhealthy…. Read More

The Illinois Race for Governor: First, Do No Harm


There is much to say about the Bruce Rauner/Evelyn Sanguinetti GOP governor/lieutenant governor ticket in Illinois and it’ll take a handful of posts for me to lay out why I am not voting for them. Right there I’ve lost many readers because they think that while the Rauner/Sanguinetti ticket isn’t perfect, it is the proverbial… Read More

10 Ways Obama Has Failed as President


Here’s the subtitle of this post by Robert Tracinski over at The Federalist: “We are so over with being impressed by this president.” Many of us, of course, never were. First, here’s Tracinski’s intro: A poll released last week had some pretty bad news for congressional Democrats heading into the midterm elections. But buried in… Read More

Honoring Constitution Day


Text and video from the Heritage Foundation: September 17 is Constitution Day, a day set aside to reflect on the ratification of the United States Constitution. Towards that goal, we have produced a short video honoring the Constitution and urging everyone to pause and reflect on how we can return our country to its First… Read More

College Students Sign Petition to Support ISIS


Here are your “Millennials.” MRCTV’s Dan Joseph went to a Virginia college campus to see if college students would sign a petition to support ISIS. The results….(as Joseph says, at least some people get it)… Via MRCTV H/T